<aside> 👋 About us in short ▷ Europe’s first startup recycling lithium ion batteries ▷ On a mission to build a scalable lithium-ion battery recycling machine to recover the critical materials inside, like lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite in a sustainable way ▷ Raised our €3.5m pre-seed round to build our first prototype plant in Munich, Germany


🔋♻️ Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to challenge the status quo of material life-cycle to accelerate decarbonization

Lithium ion batteries are crucial to enable our decarbonization efforts and will be used to electrify mobility vehicles, machines, drones, or power banks. However, Europe’s ambition for electrification and increasing the LiB production results in a shocking high dependence on mining countries not only resulting in supply chain constraints, but also in real geopolitical and ESG tension for Europe.

We need to act now and build a scalable and robust battery recycling process. At tozero, we’re committed to challenge the status quo of material life-cycle to accelerate decarbonization. This will allow us to enter the electrification era without worries, continue innovation and increase quality of life without compromising

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🚀 We need you to succeed

**Sarah and Ksenija, our co-founders, are on a mission to build Europe’s leading lithium-ion battery recycling company**

We are at the very beginning of a thrilling journey and need superstars like you to help us build the foundation of tozero - everything from scratch!

Do you think along these lines?

Grasp this unique chance and join our mission to truly bring lithium-ion battery waste tozero.